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Extra coziness for your home

Patio doors are modern, practical, interesting and original products. The interior of any house or apartment becomes particularly harmonious, when a set of swing doors you have added one or two patio doors. Patio doors are always appropriate in places of limited space, when using a swing door is not entirely acceptable or not possible.

Also, patio doors and partitions are very interesting design solutions, allowing you to approach design issues with the maximum display of creativity and the ability not to look at everyday things normally. Patio doors replacement or installation is also an excellent way to visually increase the space of your home. These doors will create the comfort that you can not only see, but also feel.

The cost of your future gain will depend on size, type, design and color variety. The market for the production and sale of doors offers a variety of models of these designs, each of which has a number of its advantages.

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Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows
Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows
  • Sliding glass patio door - with the help of a carriage move along the rail, move to the side at the opening. Reclining - one of the types of such doors, are installed indoors, they are very helpful in situations where a full opening of the door can block a small room and interfere with the passage
  • Swing patio door - characterized by the fact that they can open in one direction, these doors are very popular as interior in houses, apartments and offices.
  • Radius patio door - Radius in the aluminum profile - the original solution for the interior. Usually, they are manufactured on individual orders taking into account all the features of the room parameters. Such models can be opened automatically or simply be sliding.
  • Pendulum patio door -decorate any interior, both classic and modern. They can open in two directions, which is very convenient when used. Such doors are fixed in the floor and ceiling, and a special closer allows you to make the closing of the doors very soft.

Enjoy the variety!

In addition to ways to open doors, glass patio structures differ in transparency. They are matte, semi-matt and completely transparent:

  • Matte or semi-matt doors are tinted glass, on which a dense pattern was applied. Such doors attract more attention to themselves, because completely transparent doors can "merge" with the interior and become invisible.
  • Transparent doors - these doors are made of pure glass. Look in the interior effectively, but this door will not cover what is located in the room.

In fact, matte, transparent and translucent glass doors - this is not the whole variety of design. Today interior designers harmoniously combine glass and wood, combine glass elements and various metal inserts. Therefore, you can always choose an exclusive design of doors for your interior.

Our ideal patio door from “Blue Bell” in Pennsylvania will have standard sliding and gliding movement, will be customized according to your special demands. Depending on what type of glass door you mount - a swinging, radius, pendulum, in which room it will be located, it is important to choose the most suitable installation that will allow the door to not only perform its basic functions (zoning, heat and sound insulation), but also decorate the house, act as its "highlight". That's why our advice is to entrust the installation to experienced masters, aware of all the nuances of this procedure.

Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows

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