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Sooner or later, all roofs need to be replaced.It could be a problem with the existing roof such as a roof leak, weather damage, or age, or it could just be time for a new look. If you are preparing to replace your roof, it is important to choose an experienced, top quality roofing contractor, and Blue Bell Roofing, Siding, and Windows by Legacy Service is one of the top roofing companies in Pennsylvania.

Roof Replacement and Installation

Blue Bell Roofing, Siding, and Windows by Legacy replaces and installs all types of materials, from asphalt shingles to synthetic slate to wood shake to metal. At Legacy Service, we only work with the best manufacturers who supply the highest quality material on the market. No matter if you are looking for a classic look or prefer a modern aesthetic, we have the material to give your house the best roof available.

How often you need to put a new roof on your house depends on the material your house's roof is made of. Lower cost materials, such as asphalt shingles, have shorter life spans, beginning around 15-20 years. Higher, more durable materials, such as metal, can last over 100 years.

Getting Your New Roof

The first step to replace your roof is to set up a free in-home consultation with one of our Project Consultants. We will come to your house, discuss your plans and goals, and take measurements of your roof’s square footage. We will be able to offer you an estimate based on these calculations right away.

Next, we will order your roofing materials and schedule a time for your project to be completed. Our crews are known for being fast, clean, and highly skilled. We prioritize leaving your home in the exact condition it was in when we arrived - there will be no damage to your lawn or landscaping. You won’t even know we were there, except for your beautiful new roof, of course!


If you are looking for the best roofing company in PA, look no further than Blue Bell Roofing, Siding, and Windows by Legacy Service. Reach out and set up your free consultation today. Ask about our most recent deals and financing options. We look forward to working with you!

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Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows
Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows

Replacement and installation of the roof

Replacement or installation of roofing roofs sooner or later becomes an actual problem for each owner of the house.

There are at least two reasons for replacing or installation of the roof, the first - the desire of the owner to change the shape or square of the house roof, the second - leaking roof or other problems with the quality of the roof. And in the first and second case, the “Blue Bell” company will help you replace or install roof, which specializes directly in replacing and installation of the roofing roof.

We are a company with is located is Pennsylvania, in our roofs replacement and installation, we use big variety of materials, among them are: asphalt shingles, synthetic state, cedar and etc. On our web site we propose a list of different shape, square and color variety for future order. The most popular among them are: blue, red and green. A wide selection of roofing materials for the roof will help make it what you want. A large selection of roofing materials will help you make it not only quality from the inside, but also beautiful from the outside.

In order for the customer to receive the desired result within the stipulated timeframe, and the employees have fulfilled the quality order, it is necessary to develop a roof replacement project, since each case of such replacement or installation is individual. In addition, before the drafting of the project, we advise you to determine the choice of roofing material, taking into account not only its appearance, but also its properties. As the roof life depends on not only from your choice but also from the type of roofing material.

We have contacts with our roof contractors and companies in PA, so we can easily calculate and estimate the cost of your future roof. We know that the prices change according to demand and supply that’s why on our web site we also propose such materials as: metal and copper for roof replacement and installation.

To put a new roof, to do replacement or installation of the roof, we advise you to instruct the team of professionals of the company "Blue Bell", roofers will be able to give good advice in choosing a quality of the roof that is suitable for your house structure. The process of repairing or installation the roof consists of parts that add up the overall picture, so for every detail the workers are treated very carefully and responsibly. It follows that when choosing a company in Pennsylvania or other PA regions, it is worth paying attention to the professionalism of employees and the quality of the work performed.

In the company "Blue Bell" we are ready to recommend a team of professionals and certificates for their high qualification. Our company performs all kinds of work and gives a guarantee of quality. “Blue Bell” specialists are provided with the best equipment for carrying out all types of repair work on the roof, replacement or installation of the roof. In addition, our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

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