Cedar wood roofing

Elite roofing materials, despite their high cost, do not lose popularity. A wooden shingle is one of such coatings. Harmoniously combined with any structure and can be laid on the roof of any geometric shape. Raw materials are made from 100% wood and are absolutely environmentally friendly material. The shingle on the roof is a wooden plate, on average the thickness of each is from 4 to 10 mm. It is made of high-strength wood species: larch, cedar, oak.

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Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows
Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows

Advantages of covering:

  • Beautiful aesthetic appearance;
  • Ecological compatibility;
  • High noise insulation and thermal insulation. The house will be quiet, even if the window is a heavy downpour with hail. Protects the wooden roof and from the summer heat and the coldest winter.
  • 100% tightness. The shingles lie on the rafters like scales. Under the influence of moisture, it swells and slightly increases in volume. The coating closes, and forms a solid one-piece "armor". When the shingles dry up, it rises a little and the excess moisture leaves.
  • Absence of condensation under the plates.
  • Light weight.
  • Persistence in the wind, snow and rain.
  • Long service life in all climatic conditions.

Advantages of coating are significant, but even this ideal material has its disadvantages:

  • The need to involve a professional roofer team.
  • Long term of installation.
  • A tree without special treatment is afraid of biological effects.
  • Wooden roof can shake.
  • High price.

Choosing cedar roofing

Choosing cedar roofing our customers should take into consideration that wooden roof has some special condition while installing. Our qualified specialists and workers in Pennsylvania can help our buyers with all of these specific building features. Choosing the material for the roof of the house must always take into account the angle of the rafters. The shingle can be laid on the roof with an angle of inclination of at least 15 degrees. Type of the battens: solid or with rafter pitch no more than 100mm. Due to the fact that the material has a small mass for the battens are suitable bars of small thickness, for example, 5 * 5 cm. Roofing and facade work will take from 1 month. Shingles on the roof are put in 3 or 4 layers.

Why we advice to choose this building material in our company in PA? Cedar belongs to the category of the most durable wood species; the products of their cedar wood do not lose their working properties for a long time. The structure of the material has excellent noise absorption and effective thermal insulation properties, so in some cases it does not require additional insulation. In summer, the shingle cover protects the attic from overheating, which positively affects the microclimate in the living areas.

Cedar tiles have an original pattern, alternating dark and light stripes. The laid coating has an indescribable optical effect, changing as the material ages. Over time, the cedar roofing changes the light brown color to a darker one and after a few years acquires a noble silver shade.

Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows

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