Copper roofing

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Copper is - colored metal of red color, soft, malleable, characterized by a large thermal conductivity, well suited for rolling and drawing. Copper is very common metal. Copper applied both in pure form, and in alloys. Metal has a great use as a material for reinforcement, pipes, wires, copper roofing shingles and copper panels, as well as in the form of various alloys-bronze, brass, etc.

The use of copper in production is quite extensive, because this metal has significant advantages. Most often, copper is used:

  • In cooper roofing – material has average price, lightweight and protect house against flooding.
  • In electrical engineering - due to low specific resistance. In electrical engineering is used for the manufacture of cables and conductors.
  • To create pipes - copper has high strength and is great for processing metal products.

Copper pipes are excellent for transporting gas and liquids.

The scope of copper is quite extensive and is not limited to the above-described areas. To date, copper is a widely spread metal that facilitates the task of many metallurgical and building enterprises in PA.

Depending on the additives to copper, alloys with different properties are obtained (high-strength, antifriction, chemically resistant, etc.). A wide application for the manufacture of semi-finished products and shaped castings were alloys of copper with zinc, tin, aluminum, beryllium, lead, nickel and manganese.

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Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows
Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows

Diversity is the main thing

    Roof of this type can be of three types:

  • Folded - is the most common the folded copper roof, which guarantees a complete absence of leaks. With a slight slope of the slopes, the folded copper roof is practically the only option providing tightness and durability. Other variants of roofing materials in such conditions lose by characteristics. Folds join sheets of rolled copper. The width of the roll can be 0.6-3 m, the length - 1-6 m, the thickness of the sheet - 0.8 mm.
  • Tiled - the copper roof can be mounted in the form of tiles. Metal tile of copper enjoys a special prestige and is used in the construction of roofs of solid private houses and small commercial buildings.
  • Checkerboard - Copper checkers are plates in the form of rhombuses, trapezoids or squares, made of copper, with a thickness of up to 0.8 mm. In the upper and lower parts of the copper checkers there are locks. With the help of these locks and special riveting, the assembly is made, ensuring the tightness of the roof during operation.

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Roof construction is an extremely responsible job. There are inadmissible errors and inaccuracies, because the cost of the material is very high. Therefore, it is better to entrust the device to the roof professionals from “Blue Bell” company in Pennsylvania. And you will know everything about the specifics of this laborious process and its main stages. Provided a quality installation, additional costs for its maintenance will not be required, and the roof faithfully and truthfully will serve you for many years. For roofing use sheet roofing copper - this is a fairly plastic material that allows you too easily, mount roofs or covers the most complex shapes. The main condition for the proper installation of a copper roof is to avoid contact with materials such as iron and aluminum, since their contact can lead to corrosion of copper sheets. A durable, acid-resistant material - copper reliably protects your house from rain and the environment. Mounting copper sheets is quite simple, and in case of damage to one or more elements of the roof, replacement will not be difficult.

Choosing design and color variety our customers should take into account some specifications of copper roofing. The roof covered with copper has another very interesting property; with the years in the process of exploitation it changes its color. A new copper roof sparkles with a yellowish color, a few years later, under the influence of atmospheric phenomena and the nature of the most material - copper, the roof will have noble brownish hue, and after a decade the copper roof goes from brown to greenish brown.

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