Synthetic slate roofing

Maximum protection

Synthetic slate - is called a building roofing material with certain properties and degree of strength. Production of slate passes on special lines. The raw material for the production of slate is cement mortar with the addition of various impurities, the main of which is asbestos. Among the common roofing materials, slate takes its position in the market, and continues to be in demand. In the process of manufacturing slate, use asbestos, portland cement or ordinary cement mortar, mixed in water. Asbestos fibers act as a fastening material. This allows you to make strong structures that can withstand high loads. The coloring of the synthetic slate allows it to be waterproofed, and also to provide resistance to winter frosts.

It should be noted that synthetic slate is not a combustible and environmentally friendly material, it is very important to use it in buildings where protection from open fire, in baths, in children's and medical institutions is necessary. During a fire, it cracks, and does not transmit burning as opposed to a soft roof. If to speak about the price side of the issue, then slate belongs to the category of cheap materials in comparison with both soft roofs and with metal. Slate is the cheapest material for roofing on the market. Slate - undeservedly forgotten in view of rumors about the environmental friendliness of the material and the background of new more expensive materials that have not yet been tested. Slate, time-tested material, it is durable and not expensive.

The spread of the material is facilitated by the fact that laying the slate on the roof - the work is not difficult, anybody can do it. But don’t do this work personally. But, to make the coating served, as it should, for at least half a century, it will be necessary to study all the nuances of this simple but responsible event. Qualified specialists and workers from “Blue Bell” company in Pennsylvania do everything that you will have perfect synthetic slate roofing and can brave among your neighbors.

Choosing among different ways of roofing our customers should know some special condition while installing tile. To get a roofing covering, the slate is fixed on the crate in horizontal rows, moving from the bottom up (from the ledge). Each subsequent sheet in the row is superimposed on the previous one by 1-2 waves. Each subsequent row is also shifted to the previous one, as a rule, by 120-200 mm.

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Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows
Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows

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There are two ways of laying slate:

  • Staggered - when slate sheets of one horizontal row are mounted with a shift of 1-4 waves relative to the sheets of the adjacent row. The docking line is obtained stepwise. This technology is recommended for skate roofs, wide in the transverse direction (horizontally), but narrows in slope.
  • Without displacement - when slate sheets are mounted in the same, even rows, without shifting. The joints of all the rows form one line. Since during laying it is not allowed to arrange double overlap (i.e., to combine more than 2 layers of slate at one point), the edges of the sheets are cut at an angle of 30 ° - 60 °.

Among the builders in PA, the color slate and composite synthetic slate with different design, shapes and colors is now gaining popularity because of the opportunity to use high-quality material in roof overlapping, and also to realize into reality various design ideas for the design of a country house.

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