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One of the biggest factors in a home’s curb appeal is its siding, which is why it is important to keep up with the maintenance of your siding. When you are ready to replace siding or install new siding, make sure to choose an experienced, top quality contractor. Blue Bell Roofing, Siding, and Windows by Legacy Service is one of the top siding companies in Pennsylvania.

Replacement and Installation of Siding

Technology for siding has improved in the recent years, and there are many options to replace old options, such as stucco or aluminum, with. Blue Bell Roofing, Siding, and Windows by Legacy replaces and installs all types of siding, from fiber cement to vinyl to stone to wood and beyond. We only work with and offer the top materials so we can promise that your home is the best looking and safest possible.


When you are ready to replace your siding, give us a call and we can set up a free in-home consultation. We will send a Project Consultant out to you to evaluate your property, help you choose your material and color, and finally offer you a siding replacement price. We can also discuss financing and our most recent discount offers. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows
Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows

Replacement and installation of siding

Having built a house, you need to take care of its exterior decoration. Of course, it is important to create an attractive appearance, but you need to think about the thermal insulation and protection of the bearing structures of the building from destruction. Therefore, it is necessary to decide what material will be needed for the facing, given its quality and the cost of its acquisition. Replacement and installation the house is done for several reasons:

  • Warming with cladding requires not only single-story buildings, but also multi-storey. This process is necessary for a newly built house and for repairs already served.

  • During the operation of the house, it is necessary to periodically update its appearance.

  • In the event that the building already requires repair, the facade decoration will help to strengthen its structure and protect the house from the harmful effects of the environment. Thus, the service life of the building is extended. In addition, the quality of sound insulation in the house increases.

In our work we use such TECHNOLOGIES of siding replacement and installation:

  • Stucco – the exterior decoration of the facade of the house with stucco has a number of advantages, above all it is an opportunity to cover complex facades. What are the main advantages in the stucco installation? Undoubtedly it is an opportunity to apply on complex surfaces, excellent compatibility with other materials, variability and freedom in choosing colors, textures and economy, in a certain sense of the word. The disadvantages are a limitation on the temperature conditions of application and use, and the need for repair and renewal after several years of operation.

  • Stone- natural and artificial stone is a popular kind of facade materials for exterior decoration of the facade of a private house. But it is worthwhile to understand that the facing with a natural or artificial stone is not suitable for every house. We will not list the advantages of the facade made of natural stone, we just note that one of the main things is the opportunity to make the house very expensive, both in appearance and price, and certainly this is a successful solution for houses with a complex configuration and expensive and complex architecture.

  • Wood – provides opportunities in shaping the appearance, replacement or installation of siding of the house. Of it, it is not difficult to finish the facade or only its fragments. It looks great in combination with other materials - stone or siding, and more recently it can be seen more often in combination with glass, metal, concrete. Depending on the proportions, the wood on the façade can be a background, a full member of the composition or the main element. It can be painted. Sometimes a non-standard color can change its appearance and it will be perceived as a completely different material. Wood fits perfectly into the landscape, looks great among the natural surroundings, against the background of the green expanses of meadows and fields. It harmoniously connects the house with the environment.

A list of different shape, design and color variety for future order, the most popular among them are: blue, red and green together with siding replacement and installation prices, you can find on our web site. A large selection of materials will help you to make siding order.

We are a company with is located is Pennsylvania and we have contacts with companies in PA, so we easily repair your house, deliver all necessary materials for replacement and installation of siding in any place and save your time and physical labor.

To do replacement or installation of the siding, we advise you to instruct the team of professionals of the company "Blue Bell". In the company "Blue Bell" we are ready to recommend a team of professionals and certificates for their high qualification. Our company performs all kinds of work and gives a guarantee of quality. Call us +1 267-777-9482

Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows Blue Bell roofing, siding, windows

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